Octothorpe is a King of the kill style map for TF2 that I used to explore the idea of an event based map; namely Halloween in this case. The map itself was a smallish Koth style map that favored a more competition style of play. As I was finishing the project, the community started re-building TF2 maps for Halloween. I decided to see what I could do by re-themeing my own map while also exploring more avenues of technical experiments. 

One of the more successful adaptions was generating a fire train shell with fx  scrolling fire down the length of the train. Whenever a player was killed by the train it would light up and catch anyone too close on fire.

I worked on some of the self shadowing ground normals that Valve favors into my tiling bones textures. I've shown several examples where it blends with ground models seamlessly.

The train has a set of voice overs that would taunts the players throughout the round. I did all the voice work and filtering myself as an experiment to see how it all worked. 

My favorite bit on this project was learning the npc spawn system so that when a player was killed it would spawn a skeleton. I took it a step further and replaced the skull for the skeletons with a small version of the train as a "train minion". You can see them is a few of the screenshots. 

Octothorpe Workshop Page

Halloween Octorthorpe Workshop Page