A Payload map for Team Fortress 2 using assets from TF2 and those created by myself. The map is themed to be a factory for one of the TF2 fictional corporations, which obviously makes hats. 

The map served as my own experimental map for several map re-starts and redesigns. I was using the map to experiment with more unusual design ideas than TF2 usually indulges in. An example of this is the robots that decorate the map. In one iteration, they were moving and engaged with moving the payload to different parts of the map. While it worked technically, the players had no idea what was going and didn't appreciate some of the novelty. At some point I finally grew tired of the map and what I was able to build with it.  I wrapped it up with a final bit of whimsy in that the final point is inside the belly of one of the robots. As you get close, it opens up and allows you to push the cart into his rainbow flavored innards. 

This is my most successful map on the TF2 Workshop with just over 15k subscribers; which puts it in the top ten most popular community maps.