A Payload Race map for Team Fortress 2 using assets from the Frontline themed community project. The Frontline project brought a lot of new models for map makers to use. I picked out their tugboat and tank/cart for this map. This led me to build a canal locks map that allowed the tank to get close to the boat. The tank cart came with shooting animations and fx all built for it, which led me to change some of the rules of the way the cart was expected to behave. With this as a start, the map became a 3 stage map, but rather than move to a new section of the map at each stage capture, the tank fires it's round at the boat and is throw back from the recoil. It travels through the air, busts through walls and doors after each cap. This resets the tank/cart far enough away that requires the players to change tactics to succeed rather than camp a particular spot.

A majority of the assets and textures for the map came from either the default install of Team Fortress 2 or the Frontline project. I did re-skin the more exotic storage containers for some variety in color. I also kit-bashed a few of the existing models into new versions. An example is the locks model bridging the canals. This was a one sided model from another TF2 map. I pulled it apart and put it back together with new collision so that it could be seen from all sides and walked on. 

The Workshop page for the map can be found here: Fishladder