A Player Destruction map for Team Fortress 2 using assets from the Mayann themed community project. The Mayann theme was intended to be a series of maps that took place in South American ruins of a vaguely cartoon nature. I had wanted to explore making a Player Destruction map as the rules are essentially team deathmatch. A ruined Inca death cult temple seemed like a good spot for a more dynamic map that deathmatch maps need.

A majority of the assets and textures came from the Mayann project with the exception of a few models I kitbashed into my own needs. The biggest example is the large Saxon Hale 4 way head model that serves as one of the capture points sculptural pieces I also built a few original pieces as well. The cartoon skulls with the "Mayan pompadours" are one of the more visible examples of these. The large green beam fx is a mixture of some of my work with some weapon shader reuse to make the capture point a unmistakable goal post for the users. 

El Vvis page on the Team Fortress 2 Workshop